Welcome to the books section of my website. This is where information regarding my books and current writing projects can be found. As it is currently my only published book, this section primarily focuses on The Host of Souls: Ascension, but will include more as my work expands.

About the Host of Souls: Ascension:

The Age of Supremacy is coming to a fiery close. Humanity’s empires are at war with one another to grasp salvation promised by the sinister priestesses of the Sisterhood. The object of their quest: to reach the peak of the ancient enigma known only as the Mountain. Unbeknownst to all, only one man holds the key to humanity’s survival. His journey takes him from the bleak city of Crow’s Reach across the war torn lands of Western Asterbyss and finally to the Mountain, where he and a motley group of adventurers must decide the fate of mankind.

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